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NuAngel DIY Baby Shower Flower Arrangement

NuAngel DIY Baby Shower Flower Arrangement

NuAngel offers many items for your DIY baby shower gifts! Check out this simple arrangement made from one of our receiving blankets, contoured burp pads, and nursing pads. This is a unique gift for the mom-to-be!

Materials Needed:


  1. Lay out receiving blanket


  1. Place vase in center of blanket


  1. Take each corner of blanket and push into vase


  1. Tie ribbon in a bow around blanket on vase


  1. Roll each contoured burp pad


  1. Fold one burp pad into a “v” and push into vase, until there is only 3”-4” sticking out


  1. Fold second burp pad into a “v”, turn opposite way and push onto top of first burp pad


  1. Make sure each burp pad is only sticking out of the vase 3”-4”


  1. Roll each nursing pad tightly and stick each one in between each burp pad


  1. Cut any color tissue paper into smaller squares and stuff into open areas around burp pads and nursing pads


  1. The finished product should look similar to the picture below. You can always add additional items to the arrangement, if desired.


Teresa Carroll

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