DIY Sub Sandwich for Baby Shower by NuAngel

DIY Sub Sandwich for Baby Shower by NuAngel

Have you seen it?  A sub sandwich for a Baby Shower?  NuAngel has the perfect ingredients for a DIY Sub Sandwich. Watch our video, posted below the directions, for a visual of each step!

Suggested ingredients:

NuAngel Natural Cotton Burp Cloths (6 count)

NuAngel White Cotton Nursing Pads (4 count)

NuAngel Receiving Blanket (1)

Shredded green paper


  1. Bread (1) - determine the center of a burp cloth. Fold one end to the center mark.  
  2. Turkey (2) – fold the burp cloths in half and then half again. Place on bread that has been folded.
  3. Ham (1) – fold receiving blanket to size of bottom of bun and place on top of turkey.
  4. Cheese (3) – fold remaining burp cloths into squares and place them at angles on top of the ham.
  5. Onions (4) – place the nursing pads across the top of the cheese.
  6. Lettuce – add to the top of the onions. Fold remaining part of the bun over the ingredients.

Once sandwich is complete, wrap with paper or display on a plate.  You are sure to be the hit of the shower!  All NuAngel ingredients are made in the USA!  


NuAngel Inc.

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