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NuAngel Natural Cotton Wipes for Cold and Flu

NuAngel Natural Cotton Wipes for Cold and Flu

Hi, Moms! Despite the temperatures outside, March is finally here and Spring is right around the corner! In our house, we are itching to get outside and resume fun activities without so much worry about coming home with an illness.  I’m sure that I speak for all moms out there when I say that I am more than ready for this cold and flu season to be over!

According to the CDC’s flu forecast, “there is about a 90% chance that the flu has peaked.” That’s good news, but the flu is definitely still out there! Unfortunately, the CDC reports that the flu is likely to remain elevated for this month. Hopefully after that, we’ll have some warmer weather and less sickness to worry about!

In the meantime, did you know that NuAngel makes a natural cotton wipe that is just perfect for colds, flu, and upcoming seasonal allergies? In our house, we have said "good-bye" to regular tissues for our little ones and we use these instead! We’ve discovered that not only can regular tissues be irritating and leave reside behind, but they are just too much fun to pull out the of the box and tear into little tiny pieces!

NuAngel Natural Cotton Wipes are the softest wipes around for little noses! They are hypoallergenic and non-irritating, leaving no residue behind. They are so well-made that I simply wash them on “hot” or “sanitize”, dry, and they come out as good as new. They are a very economical, mess-free choice!

 Check them out here in packs of  6 and 12:

NuAngel Natural Cotton Wipes

Want to know more about the CDC’s flu forecast for the season? Check out these helpful links:

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