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Use of the word "Hypoallergenic" with NuAngel Cotton Products

Use of the word "Hypoallergenic" with NuAngel Cotton Products

NuAngel manufactures items from 100% Natural Cotton as exhibited on packaged items, on our site, and on product literature. The Natural Cotton Logo is owned by Cotton Inc. and NuAngel was granted the use of the logo through a license agreement. Products were sent to Cotton Inc. for verification and the use of the logo is approved for each product.

Cotton Inc. is a leading authority and globally recognized for information on cotton. Cotton has long been associated with the word "hypoallergenic".  This is evident in many articles and documents in the cotton industry. Because our products with the approved Cotton Logo are made from natural cotton, we use the word "hypoallergenic" to help describe our 100% natural cotton products.

Now what does the word "hypoallergenic" actually mean?  According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary it is having little likelihood of causing an allergic response. The Cambridge Dictionary definition is designed to be less likely to cause allergic reactions (=physical problems caused by particular substances) in people who use a product.  This does not mean an allergic reaction will not occur but means less likely for a reaction.  Now why is cotton "less likely" to cause an allergic reaction?  Cotton is a natural product and the breathability of cotton also makes it gentler on your skin. Cotton has also been around 1000's of years and is known for comfort!

To help avoid an allergic response, we recommend washing cotton products before use. This is because of the process of handling during production. For extra sensitive skin, we would suggest a second rinse cycle when washing to help make sure detergents (which can be irritating) are removed.

Currently, the U.S. government doesn't have standards that products must meet to use the word "hypoallergenic" in association with a product.  With 100% natural cotton products, the word "hypoallergenic" is used because cotton is naturally hypoallergenic. We are proud to provide a cotton product line and to have permission to use the famous "cotton logo" on our products!



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