Sustainable Facial Rounds and Cleansing Cloths

Sustainable Facial Rounds and Cleansing Cloths

Do you buy disposable facial rounds or cleansing cloths? Do you know how many are purchased and thrown away each year?  NuAngel now offers an environmentally friendly reusable alternative!  Made from sustainable 100% natural cotton, NuAngel manufactures reusable facial rounds and cleansing cloths. The products are made in the USA from homegrown sustainable cotton.

NuAngel has been known for manufacturing products for nursing mothers and infants.  The material used in the facial rounds and cleansing cloths is the same material used on the most delicate skin – that of a newborn baby!  The 100% cotton material is naturally hypoallergenic and soft to the touch. Therefore, perfect for sensitive skin.  

The deluxe rounds are made from multiple layers of quality cotton and are larger than most disposable facial rounds.  The cleansing cloths are made from a single thick layer of natural 100% cotton and are the perfect size for handling.  Use the products for makeup removal, cleansing, applying toner or drying.  These hypoallergenic products are certain to become a daily favorite for your beauty routine! 



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