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NuAngel Support Pillows for Holiday Travel

NuAngel Support Pillows for Holiday Travel

Hi, Moms! If you’re like me, you may be gearing up for Thanksgiving travel! Our little family drives just one hour away to my husband’s side of the family the weekend before Thanksgiving; and then we turn around and drive 2 hours to my side for Thanksgiving week. We are thankful each year for the time with our extended families. We’re also extremely thankful that the drive isn’t any further with two small children!

Many of my dear friends and family members have much longer journeys ahead, which include long hours in the car or on a plane. I have heard how much preparation goes into these trips, especially with young children, and how comfort is key. Whether your journey is long or short, in a car or on a plane, make your comfort a priority this holiday season!

I’ve already mentioned my love of the NuAngel Trinity™ II Support Pillow as a nursing pillow, but did you know that this same pillow is perfect for travel?Whenever we travel, I am sure to bring the medium-sized pillow for myself for the journey ahead!

The NuAngel Trinity™ II Support Pillow is soft, flexible, and the contoured shape provides awesome neck support. I personally love to use it as a neck pillow and lean against the passenger window as my husband drives. You may find it comfortable to put behind your neck in an upright position, or even in your lap or under your arm. The possibilities are endless, and I can promise it will make your journey more comfortable!

Worried about getting the pillow dirty during travel? Worry no more. The pillow is 100% washable and it maintains it shape wash after wash. Mine have been washed countless times and are still like-new! 

If you’re using the pillow as a nursing pillow and travel pillow in the same journey, and would like some extra protection for baby, NuAngel, Inc. also offers pillowcases in a variety of colors and styles. 

Visit the NuAngel Website for more product and ordering information: 

Trinity™ Support and Nursing Pillows:™-support-nursing-pillows


Wherever your travels take you this holiday season, we wish you a safe and comfortable journey! Happy Thanksgiving!

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