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NuAngel Manufactures Environmentally Friendly Products in the USA!

NuAngel Manufactures Environmentally Friendly Products in the USA!

Environmentally friendly and natural products are increasing in market share. The NuAngel brand offers environmentally friendly and natural cotton items. The company is a certified woman-owned business (WBENC) and made in the USA manufacturer. All items are manufactured in their USA facility.

NuAngel wants only the best for baby’s sensitive skin. That is why 100% natural cotton is utilized in most of their products. Cotton is a natural resource and is a naturally hypoallergenic fiber. It is soft, safe, and absorbent. Unlike many manmade materials, it does not require chemicals to become soft.

NuAngel turns U.S. grown cotton into items for mothers and infants. These items include nursing pads, nursing pillows, burp cloths, burp pads, washable wipes, receiving blankets, pre-fold and flat diapers. The fabric is breathable and comfortable for mom and baby.

Cotton is also utilized in the NuAngel Biodegradable Disposable Nursing Pads. Uniquely designed by a certified lactation consultant, the hypoallergenic cotton layer is the layer touching the mother’s skin. The pad consists of layers of biodegradable materials and are absorbent without the use of super absorbent polymers (SAP’s). 

Nestled among cotton fields near the Tennessee River, NuAngel realizes the importance of cotton. Founded in 1990 by Teresa Carroll, NuAngel has patented and award-winning products. NuAngel products are Made in the USA which allows for careful quality control, shorter lead times, and flexibility in packaging and shipping according to customer needs.

In a statement that encompasses her passion, Teresa states, “We support breastfeeding and infant care by providing a product line that supports the role of fathers and nursing mothers as they participate in this incredible experience called parenting. NuAngel is committed to providing top-quality products at a reasonable price.”  The products are better for mom, better for baby, and better for the environment!

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