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NuAngel Gift Guide for New or Expectant Moms

NuAngel Gift Guide for New or Expectant Moms

Hi, Moms! The gift-giving season is upon us! Do you have a new or expectant mom on your Christmas list this year? 

Last December was a different kind of Christmas season for me, as we were eagerly anticipating the birth of our youngest daughter. She was actually due at the beginning of January, but was born a few days before Christmas. She was the most wonderful Christmas gift to our family! 

My Christmas list was quite different than years before and included all things to help me transition to the infant stage again. NuAngel products were at the top of my Christmas list and continue to be of vital importance almost a year later! 

If you have a new of expectant mom on your list, keep their “season” in mind and consider items that will help them transition to this new stage comfortably. These are a few of my favorite items from NuAngel, Inc.! Click on the links for full item descriptions and ordering information. 


Trinity Maternity Support and Nursing Pillows

The Trinity Support and Nursing Pillows are a must-have for any new or expectant mom! Expectant moms need all of the rest they can get and it's often hard to get comfortable, especially in the second and third trimesters. These pillows can be used a variety of different ways to support a resting mom. They are also perfect for her hospital bag for her own comfort in the hospital bed, labor and delivery, and recovery. 

For nursing moms, these pillows come in three sizes and pillowcases are available in many colors! I use the medium and large size pillows at home and take the medium size with me on the go. They are 100% washable and very soft on baby's skin!

Pillow Set


Nursing Pads - Washable & Disposable

NuAngel offers a variety of different nursing pads that are essential for any nursing mom or expectant mom who plans to breastfeed! The washable cotton pads come in white and natural cotton, and are extremely soft and absorbent. The disposables come in two different shapes and provide discrete protection against leaks. This is a very affordable gift that will be appreciated by any breastfeeding mom!


 Large Receiving Blanket

One of my favorite, most versatile items from NuAngel, Inc. is the large receiving blanket! The large size is perfect to use for a nursing blanket, stroller blanket, floor play, sunshade, and many more uses. It is perfect for a monogram ($5) or name ($7)!

It's not too late to order these great gifts for new or expectant moms from for Christmas! Monogramming, gift wrapping, and personalized cards are available. 


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