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NuAngel Products for Diaper Changes On-the-Go!

NuAngel Products for Diaper Changes On-the-Go!

Between Christmas and New Years Day, my husband takes time off from work and we try to have a good balance of time together at home and time as a family with fun outings! Since last year we had no winter-time outings because of our newborn, we tried to squeeze in a few more this year. However, we are extra cautious when we're on-the-go about avoiding as many germs as possible during the winter months! 

Two of our favorite outings in the past week have been to our local Zoo and Science Center. It was a lot of fun watching our 4-year-old enjoy things for the first time as a "big kid" and to watch our 1-year-old discover new sights and sounds. Hand-wipes and hand sanitizer were our "best friends", but one unavoidable situation made me cringe: diaper changes in public restrooms.

At both locations, there was a line for the baby changing area. Each time, I observed mamas placing their babies directly onto the changing table and allowing their exposed (and un-wiped) skin to touch the table! Not only is that hazardous to their baby, but it is also hazardous to the babies who follow. Because of situations like this, I generally try to change my baby's diaper in my car's tailgate; however, that's not always an option! 

NuAngel Changing products are a wonderful solution for both scenarios. For an all-day outing, I generally pack two NuAngel Changing Pads and two NuAngel Receiving Blankets. Here is how I use them in both my car's tailgate and on public changing tables:


When we arrive at a location, I try to change my baby before we ever enter our location because I know that our tailgate is a cleaner scenario than a public restroom. I place one NuAngel Changing Pad down on the tailgate and change my baby quickly and easily- mess and germ-free. I leave this changing pad in the car for a clean place to change when we get back to the car- and to have a spare in case my changing pad in the diaper bag gets dirty.

On cold winter days, I use one of the receiving blankets on my baby to keep her  warm and comfortable while her diaper is being changed in the cold air! Then, I place this one back in the diaper bag as my "clean" blanket- which can be used to cover her up in the stroller or as a nursing cover. 

Public Restroom

Sometimes, it's not possible to avoid changing a diaper on the changing table of a public restroom. In this case, NuAngel products are perfect!

The NuAngel Changing Pad has a large surface area that provides ample space to keep baby clean and germ-free. If you have an older baby or toddler who wiggles and rolls like mine, there is a simple solution. Simply pack an additional "diaper changing" receiving blanket on top of or below the changing pad for additional surface area. With this diaper changing trick, I know that my older baby is less likely to touch a germ-filled surface and bring an illness home from our trip!

NuAngel Changing Pads fold or roll small and compact in your diaper bag. I generally place a used changing pad and/or receiving blanket in a large ziplock bag, or in a totally separate part of the diaper bag. Especially in the winter, it's important not to transfer germs from the changing area to your diaper bag! 

We love our NuAngel Products and they are perfect for on-the-go! Check out the NuAngel Website for full product descriptions and ordering information!

NuAngel Changing Pads


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