Why 100% Cotton Washable Baby Wipes?

Why 100% Cotton Washable Baby Wipes?

As a parent, you only want the best for your baby's sensitive or irritated skin. Check to see what is in your baby wipes and the composition of the fiber. Materials used in disposable baby wipes are often made from rayon or polypropylene (man-made materials). Often babies are sensitive to certain materials or chemicals found in disposable baby wipes. Check the package for the fiber (often not listed) and the chemical content to rule out sensitivities.

NuAngel cares about what touches your baby's delicate skin. That is why we are committed to using cotton in our products. We manufacture 100% cotton washable wipes because cotton is a natural hypoallergenic fiber. It is soft, safe, and absorbent. Simply add water and wipe, then wash and reuse. Better for you, better for baby, and better for the environment.

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