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What “Made in America Week” Means to American Businesses

What “Made in America Week” Means to American Businesses

What does “Made in America Week” mean to American businesses? For many of us it means HOPE and appreciation!  As a small business manufacturing in the USA for over 25 years, we have seen businesses come and go. We have lost U.S. suppliers due to closing their doors permanently or going out of the country to manufacture overseas. With the mass exodus of the textile industry, it is difficult to find the materials to manufacture current and new items. During this overseas movement, machinery was shipped overseas, facilities were lost, skills were lost, and American made products were lost. With this movement, the American Dream was lost for so many companies, employees and communities.

The frustration for those of us who manufacture in the USA included losing our suppliers as our costs continually increased. Once suppliers are lost, companies were often forced to close. Often, it is assumed American made products are more expensive. Many suppliers also have found once buyers relationships were formed with overseas companies or products are manufactured overseas for “American companies”, it is often difficult to find buyers who are open to American Made products. This is an ongoing occurrence for many US manufacturers. This is also currently true in working with some government agencies. Often, US companies are not given an opportunity in the bid process due to contract language and established relationships.

There is confusion with companies who use the word “American or U.S.A.” in their names and do not actually manufacture in the USA. Did these companies once manufacture in the USA and didn’t change their name? Are we being misled when these companies imply their products are made in the USA when they are not? Finding suppliers who manufacture components in the USA has been a difficult process. American Made companies are also being denied using the phrase “Made in USA” on websites due to other companies making “Made in USA” claims and not actually manufacturing in the USA. Is it greed, lack of ethics, or a loss of loyalty to our country?

It will take time to grow, build or rebuild American businesses. It will take time to source materials, build or refurbish facilities, acquire machinery, train employees, and produce products. Some of us have been here through it all. Some of us have grown but most of us have remained small. What does “Made in America Week” mean to us? “Made in America Week” gives American manufacturers “HOPE” and “APPRECIATION” for remaining committed to manufacturing in the USA. God Bless America!


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