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NuAngel Award Winning Washable Baby Wipes

NuAngel Award Winning Washable Baby Wipes

Does your baby have irritation from baby wipes? Do you know what they are made from? Is it a natural material? Are they hypoallergenic, ultra-soft and comfortable? Did you know 82% of parents prefer cotton & cotton blend products for baby?

In comparing current baby wipes on the market, most are made from man-made materials such as polyester or chemically altered materials as from bamboo. Cotton is viewed as the most sustainable material for baby care needs.

NuAngel has received three awards for Cotton Washable Baby Wipes! The Baby Maternity Magazine Awards Program consisting of new moms and moms-to-be has awarded our wipes with a Preferred Choice Award as well as Top Choice Award. The Creative Child Magazine Awards Program awarded the 100% cotton wipes Product of the Year Award.

NuAngel Cotton Washable Baby Wipes are available in white and natural cotton. The hypoallergenic cotton wipes are ultra-soft on both sides. They are an ample size (approximately 8” x 8”) and are made from 100% cotton flannel. The cotton is grown in the USA, fabric is woven in the USA, and the wipes are cut and sewn at our USA facility.

We proudly use the seal of cotton trademark to help identify the important features of our products. The Seal of Cotton trademark signals a familiar and trusted fiber for parents.

NuAngel Cotton Washable Baby Wipes are perfect for baby’s delicate skin. This is the same product as our baby washcloth. Simply add water or use dry as needed. The cotton wipes are comfortable, absorbent, and hypoallergenic. They are economical and environmentally friendly too!

NuAngel Washable Baby Wipes - 6ct

NuAngel Washable Baby Wipes - 12ct


NuAngel Award Winning Washable Baby Wipes

NuAngel Award Winning Washable Baby Wipes

Comments (2)

I am way past baby needs but wanted something for my senior massage practice, where I also often do facial skin care. These washcloths are so sweet and soft and are perfectly suited for elderly skin!! They are everything they are advertised to be—and obviously more!

Ellen Bingham

I bought these cloths to use as make-up removers because I want to stop contributing to the use of disposable materials. I chose them because they are soft cotton flannel, and much bigger than most items designated as make-up removers. These work so well – no pilling or wadding up like tissues, large enough to use more than once before washing. They wash and dry well, too.


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