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Have you ever been asked to breastfeed your baby in the restroom?

Have you ever been asked to breastfeed your baby in the restroom?

The stories of breastfeeding mothers being asked to breastfeed in public restrooms continues. Recently, a new mother was told by a receptionist to breastfeed her crying three-week old in the bathroom. Refusing and asking, “Is there a chair in the bathroom or am I expected to nurse on the toilet?” Thankfully, another employee stepped in and was kind and supportive. Would the receptionist like to eat her lunch on the toilet? Why would it even be considered acceptable to breastfeed in a public restroom?

It can be tough getting out the first times with a newborn. There are times it just cannot be avoided, even in flu season! Being in public can be a vulnerable time for a new mom particularly when she is not feeling well. Add that to a hungry newborn and non-supportive employees and emotions can get out of control. Hats off to all those moms out there who have been in this situation and stood up for breastfeeding rights. There are breastfeeding laws to protect you. Specific state by state laws can be found at Sharing these laws with others is one step in helping to educate those who do not understand the importance and value of supporting breastfeeding.

Mothers should be able to breastfeed anytime and anywhere! Some mothers choose to openly breastfeed while other mothers prefer some form of privacy. There are many options for privacy in public settings. A private area for breastfeeding may be available or a mother may choose to nurse in public while being covered. The “My Diamond” Nursing Blanket or NuAngel Large Receiving Blanket are options in providing desired privacy. These NuAngel items were designed to help mothers continue breastfeeding!

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