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Falling Back: Resources for Sweet Sleep

Falling Back: Resources for Sweet Sleep

Hi, Moms! NuMama here for NuAngel, Inc.  We all know that the time change just happened and it’s probably safe to say that nobody dreads the time change more than parents of young children! Before I had children, I remember loving that “extra hour” of sleep in the fall. Now with two small children, all that I can think is “What extra hour? Kids can’t tell time!”

How have your children fared the time change?

My 4-year-old seems to be adjusting fairly well. She’s really only been disoriented when she wakes up from her nap and it’s almost dark outside. My younger daughter? I can’t quite tell because she’s still a very inconsistent sleeper at 10 months old. Despite all of my efforts to put a true routine in place, she still does not sleep consistent stretches of time. However, for both girls, I have found that they’ve had an easier time winding down at night because it feels so much later!

Over the past week, I’ve been searching for information for myself on how to help my children transition to the time change. I wish that I had some good personal wisdom to impart; but instead, I’d love to share these helpful resources with you! Please see the links to the articles with the hyperlinks below.

I’d also love to open up the comments to you! How does the time change affect your family and your children’s sleep? Do you have any personal strategies to share? Please leave your feedback below in the comments!


Helpful Resources:


Dr. Craig Canapari

Avoiding Problems when “Falling Back”: Daylight Saving Time and your Child


Mayo Clinic

How to Sleep Well During Time Changes

Dreading the Time Change? How parents can help their kids to sleep in

How to Help Baby Adjust to Daylight Savings Time (Preparing to Spring Forward and Fall Back)

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