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Disney on Ice – A Nursing Mom’s Experience

Disney on Ice – A Nursing Mom’s Experience

Hi, Moms! Last weekend, our family continued our yearly tradition of going to Disney on Ice! We dressed our two girls up as the famous Disney sisters, Elsa and Anna, and made wonderful memories! If you have an older child and a breastfeeding baby, you probably know that planning for these events may be a challenge. Here is a run-down of our day and what helped to make it a success!


Before the Show:

In preparation, we knew that our princess-loving 4-year-old would have an absolute blast; however, we were honestly nervous about taking our 10-month-old daughter. She can be quite the “wild card” when we are out in public, especially when it is time to eat. We even purposely purchased tickets on the end of a row near an exit, just in case she needed to be taken out for a break.

As I do before any big outing, I researched our Civic Center to see if there would be a mother’s room, or something like it, available. Our daughter is very distracted while eating at this stage in her development, so a mother’s room would have been awesome. However, I found no such information on the Civic Center’s website. I found information on individuals with disabilities and even information for smokers, but no information on where breastfeeding moms can go.

In addition, I prepared by looking at the Civic Center’s website to see which items are allowed. Due to the bag regulations, I decided to bring one small backpack with what we needed just for that 2 hour span.

Here is what I packed, grouped into gallon-sized Ziploc bags for easier bag check:

  • Nursing: NuAngel My Diamond™ Nursing Blanket
  • Diaper Changing: Small pack of wipes, 2 diapers, and NuAngel Diaper Changing Pad
  • Drinks and Snacks: Water bottle for oldest, Sippy cup for baby, “special” snacks such as fun size MMs and Halloween treats from home (in lieu of the $20 snow cone and $10 cotton candy)
  • Entertainment: Dollar Tree Glow Sticks, Elsa Barbie from home, Baby Toys
  • Hand Wipes and Hand Sanitizer


During the Show:

During the show, our older daughter was absolutely glued to the scene below and our baby daughter really enjoyed the show much better than we expected! She actually made it through the entire first half, happily sitting on her daddy’s lap. By Intermission, I could tell that she most likely would not make it through the entire show without wanting to nurse. She was getting tired and a little over-stimulated more than actually hungry, but I knew we needed to find a place to go.

I found an usher and asked if there was anywhere she could suggest that I go to feed my baby. She was very kind and said, “ You’re the second person who has asked me that in 10 minutes! Right now, we have no place for moms to go, but this is very needed! I’m on the Civic Center Board and I’m going to suggest this as part of our major renovations.”  I kindly thanked her for making this suggestion to the Board, as many moms aren’t comfortable breastfeeding (even with a cover) when they are elbow to elbow with a stranger in stadium seating!

While this was a nice conversation, it really didn’t help me at that moment!  I knew our baby would not tolerate nursing with a cover where we were seated, right next to strangers with the sounds of the show and little children. Luckily, we were just two sections over from the curtain, which separated backstage from the show, and there were many empty seats in that section. I found a seat near the top and successfully fed my baby discreetly using the NuAngel My Diamond™ Nursing Blanket, while also getting to watch the show!

The My Diamond™ Nursing Blanket was a wonderful option for coverage in my situation on Disney on Ice! It stayed in place and the viewing slit allowed me to privately view baby and make sure she had air circulation. The wide sides allowed for extra coverage and provided warmth for my baby. It was very soft like a blanket, unlike other covers, and I loved that it could roll or fold into a small size in our bag. Check it out here on the NuAngel website:

Before we headed back to our seats to rejoin our family, I knew a diaper change was inevitable. Once again, the NuAngel Changing Pad saved the day! I don’t want to think about how many babies have used that one small diaper changing station and it didn’t look very clean. However, the NuAngel Changing Pad covered the entire surface area! I was so thankful that my baby was clean and protected from germs while she had her diaper changed. If you don't have one for your baby, you need one! You can find it here, on the NuAngel site:


After the Show

We made so many great memories at Disney on Ice and plan to go back each year that my girls are young enough to enjoy it. Next year when we go, I most likely will not have to worry about nursing while I am there.  However, I hope that I notice a nursing room option for breastfeeding mothers who are there with their families!

If I want to see this change, I need to do my part and request it. At home, I looked up the Civic Center’s website and found the comment section. I was allowed to write a comment to be sent to specific departments. I wrote a kind, respectful, and informative request about the need for a place for nursing mothers to go at family events, such as Disney on Ice.

Many public "family friendly" places have this, including football stadiums and children's museums. Yes, mothers are free to breastfeed while watching the show, but some mothers (like myself) may not be comfortable breastfeeding while squeezed in next to a total stranger. Offering a space for mothers to go would make the experience truly family friendly and ensure that many mothers come back for events- and tell their friends! 

If you're a nursing mom, I encourage you to blaze the way for other moms in the future! If you see a need for locations to become more family friendly, please write a friendly request or speak with a manager. Maybe if we all do our part, we can make this breastfeeding journey a little easier for ourselves and other moms down the road!

Nursing Moms, have you attempted an event like Disney on Ice? How was your experience and what made it successful for you? 



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