Cotton Fabric for Masks

Cotton Fabric for Masks

NuAngel manufactures products with 100% cotton fabric.  The cotton is grown in the USA and the fabric is manufactured in the USA from NuAngel specifications.  Cotton was selected because it is a natural material, is hypoallergenic, ultra-soft, and breathable.  With the increased need for cotton masks during the COVID19 pandemic, NuAngel is selling fabric to help meet this need.

The fabric is used by NuAngel for baby’s delicate skin, so when made into facemasks it should be gentle against the face. The cotton material is napped in production to create a soft flannel.  NuAngel has found this type of material to be gentle against sensitive skin.  It is also used for breathability as needed for masks.

NuAngel offers thicker fabrics such as white, natural, gray, gray dot, and mint.  Lighter weight fabrics include ginghams, “Jesus Love Me” prints, camouflage, sage green, and animal prints.  NuAngel has also added a double napped black flannel to the assortment.  These fabrics can be purchased on,, or directly through  We hope you enjoy using our American Made fabric. Stay safe and well!

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