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Baby's First Cold

Baby's First Cold

Hi, Moms! NuMama here, writing you from the trenches of baby’s first miserable cold. Has your baby had his or her first cold yet?

My sweet 9-month-old is sleep-less, irritable, and has a nose running like a tiny faucet. She’s having trouble nursing due to nasal congestion. Simply put: she is pitiful!

As a mom, it can be exhausting to care for a sick baby! If you’re in the midst of your baby’s cold, here are a few friendly suggestions that may help:

Contact your Pediatrician

 This one may seem obvious, but it’s really the most important. Our pediatricians’ office has a wonderful nurse-line and I’ve learned over the past few years to always call them first if I am unsure if my child needs to be seen by a doctor.

The nurse will review your child’s symptoms and advise you on whether to come in or to treat at home. By calling the nurse-line, you may save time, avoid co-pays, and steer-clear of other germs to make your child even worse.

 Always ask about over-the-counter medications and home treatments before using to double-check dosage and frequency. Your baby may meet weight requirements for certain dosages, but their immature organs may not be ready to process the amount of medication. For example, my baby’s weight qualifies her for twice as much over-the-counter medication than her 9-month-old liver can process.  Knowing that tidbit made me very thankful that I called our nurse-line first!

 Continue Breastfeeding

Even if it’s tough, continuing to breastfeed through baby’s illness is one of the very best things that you can do! According to, “Anytime a sick baby is able to take anything by mouth, it should be his mother’s milk. Mom’s milk provides antibodies specifically tailored to fight baby’s illness, and is quickly and easily digested.”

Isn’t it comforting to know that the best medicine for baby is found in your tailor-made milk? You may find it helpful to suction baby's nose before a feeding for a more successful experience.

For other tips and information, check out this incredibly helpful article. I’ve referenced it for myself many times this week!

 Clean with Cotton

Baby’s new skin is ultra-sensitive and can be easily irritated by repeated use of tissues.  Plus, regular tissues tear, leave residue, and can run out quickly while treating a cold!

NuAngel natural cotton washcloths have been a game-changer for wiping baby’s runny nose! They are ultra-soft, hypo-allergenic, durable, and washable (to keep you from buying more and more and more tissues!). They are perfect for helping baby stay clean and comfortable while she fights her illness. They are an affordable investment for multi-purposes in your home!

Check them out here on the NuAngel Website!


      Moms, what are your “go-to’s” for treating cold symptoms? Leave your tips and tricks in the comments below! Here's to staying well this Fall!


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