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NuAngel "Baby Sprinkle" Gift Guide!

NuAngel "Baby Sprinkle" Gift Guide!

Hi, Moms! Have you been to a “Baby Sprinkle” before? Most of my friends have multiple children, so this term has become familiar to be over the past few years!

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a "Baby Sprinkle” is simply a term to describe a small party in honor of the parents expecting an additional child. Traditionally, mothers only had one shower; however, now it is common and acceptable to gather to celebrate the lives of additional children—just on a smaller scale.

A Baby Sprinkle can be thrown in a variety of different ways! The family typically already has the larger items that they need, so the gifts tend to be smaller and more practical. The sprinkle can also focus on the expectant Mom this time, helping her to stock up on the things she will need to welcome her new addition!

My baby sprinkle was a special celebration just for family to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our second daughter. Since I already had one daughter, family members brought diapers and wipes, smaller baby items that I needed to replenish, and items for me. It was also special to receive a few items for our new baby that weren’t going to be hand-me-downs, but just for her—such as monogrammed items.

If you’re shopping for a Baby Sprinkle, look no further than NuAngel, Inc.! Browse for all-things mom and baby—from practical to personalized. Here are a few of my favorite items for a Baby Sprinkle!


For Mom

Mom will need more than just meals and encouragement to welcome this new baby! The expectant mom has already experienced newborn life once and has learned what she will likely need. She’ll have less time to care for herself, as she will be not only have a newborn, but will be transitioning an older sibling as well.

For a sprinkle, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask Mom what practical care items she would like and will need! Here are some of my favorite helpful items from NuAngel, Inc: 


NuAngel’s Washable and Disposable Nursing Pads are a great gift for any mom who plans to breastfeed! They are an essential item that she will need from day one! NuAngel offers a variety of different styles and types of nursing pads of the highest quality 100% cotton, for an affordable price. 

NuAngel’s Disposable Nursing Pads are discrete, soft , and very absorbent! I like to wear them on-the-go because I can simply throw them away when I need to change them. I keep some in my purse and diaper bag! They come in two unique designs for optimal coverage and protection. 

Washable Nursing Pads are ultra-soft and made of 100% cotton! They provide great protection against leaks and are soft against sore areas or abrasions. They are a high-quality essential item that will last wash after wash.

Trinity Support and Nursing Pillows are an awesome idea for any expectant mom! They can be used in a variety of different ways to support a resting mom during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and recovery.  As a nursing pillow, they come in three different sizes and their unique shape supports the nursing baby and provides an incline for babies with reflux as well! 



For Baby: Practical and Personalized

After so many uses from the first child, practical items may be left looking very “loved”—so replenishing items, such as burp pads and blankets, is always appreciated!

Also, the family may be expecting a child of the opposite gender! The mom-to-be may appreciate re-stocking every day baby items in blues or pinks if she only has the opposite color. 

Personalized gifts are a special touch for any new baby! Personalized items are popular at Baby Sprinkles, to provide an item that is special just for this baby, rather than a hand-me-down. NuAngel offers very affordable personalization on many items--$5 for monogram and $7 for a name!

Available in a wide variety of prints and colors, NuAngel Large Contoured Burp Pads are a perfect gift for the parents to be! Their unique design gives greater shoulder and back coverage while holding and burping baby. They are soft and gentle on baby's delicate skin. They can also be personalized, which is great for taking in the diaper bag! NuAngel offers two affordable options, in a set of two or four: 

The NuAngel Large Receiving Blanket is a wonderful, versatile gift! It’s large size is great for a stroller blanket, nursing blanket, floor play, changing tables, and much more. It's also a great size for a toddler blanket, so it can grow with baby. It’s 100% cotton, durable, and washable. Add a name or monogram for an extra-special touch that will transform this blanket into a keepsake.


These are just a few of my favorite items from NuAngel that are perfect for a Baby Sprinkle! Check out for many other awesome products for Mom and Baby!

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