NuAngel Mom & Baby Gift Basket - Natural


The Mom & Baby Natural Gift Basket is assembled in a trendy tote and tied with a bow.  The basket includes a large receiving blanket, three pre-fold diapers, four washable nursing pads, six burp cloths, and six washable wipes. All the items are made from natural (unbleached) cotton. Information on each item is as below:

  1. The NuAngel Large Receiving Blanket has multiple daily uses. Use with baby as a blanket, as a sunshade, or as a nursing cover. Made from hypoallergenic 100% cotton flannel, the receiving blankets are naturally soft and comfortable. Each blanket is approximately 40” x 40” in size.
  2. NuAngel Pre-Fold Diapers are luxuriously soft and is a favorite everyday baby essential.  This diaper is a premium quality product as compared to other pre-folds. The NuAngel 100% Cotton Pre-fold Diaper is made from quality USA natural cotton converted into a buttery soft flannel fabric. The diaper consists of two-ply layers with a four-ply center for super absorption. The cotton material is naturally soft, hypoallergenic and is comfortable against your baby’s delicate skin. These pre-fold diapers have many uses and can be used well beyond the baby years.  For baby, use as a washable diaper or thick burp cloth. For beyond the baby years, these reusable diapers are great cleaning cloths for delicate surfaces. Each unfolded diaper measures approximately 15 inches x 18 inches in size.
  3. NuAngel Natural Cotton Washable Nursing Pads are made from hypoallergenic 100% cotton for maximum air circulation as recommended by breastfeeding experts. Place inside bra to absorb leakage. They are extra soft, absorbent, breathable, and comfortable for sensitive skin. Made from plush layers of quality American-made 100% cotton flannel, these pads naturally conform for a comfortable fit. NuAngel Cotton Washable Nursing Pads are economical and environmentally friendly.
  4. NuAngel Natural Cotton Burp Cloths are a perfect everyday item for baby. Protect your clothing and baby's delicate skin with these hypoallergenic 100% natural cotton burp cloths. The soft burp cloths are a layer of protection for your baby when being held by visitors or others. Use them in the hospital, at home, daycare, and when traveling. The Natural Cotton Burp Cloths are made from a single plush layer of USA made cotton flannel. Each cloth is approximately 11" by 18" and folds compactly for storage. They are comfortable, absorbent, and have many uses for years to come! Six burp cloths per package.
  5.  NuAngel Natural Cotton Washable Wipes are economical and environmentally friendly. These baby wipes are ultra-soft and perfect for your little one's delicate skin from head to toe. Made in the USA from quality USA white cotton flannel, NuAngel washable wipes are naturally hypoallergenic, comfortable and absorbent. Use wipes dry or simply add water as needed. These wipes measure approximately 8 x 8 inches and are a perfect size for baby. Machine wash and tumble dry.  Six washable wipes per package.

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