Bra Extenders - 2 Hook, 1 1/2" wide - Assorted Colors

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Is your bra too tight? Now you can find instant relief with our Made in the USA bra extenders! The package includes three bra extenders - 2 hook, 1 1/2" wide -  assorted colors (white, black, nude) extenders for your convenience. NuAngel bra extenders allow for expansion without having to purchase new bras.  Simply attach the extender to the ends of your bra band and enjoy up to three inches in expansion.  

The two hook extenders are 1 1/2 inch wide and fit most standard three hook bras. For the correct width between hooks for a bra extender, measure from the center of a hook to the next hook center.  Our bra extenders are for bras with a ¾ inch spacing between the center of hooks.  Currently, we only manufacture this width in an extender.

The NuAngel soft backed extender is non-elastic for less skin irritation and greater comfort.  When shopping for extenders, check to see how many rows are available for adjustment.  Our NuAngel bra extenders have four rows of adjustment compared to others with only two or three rows.  The four rows allow for additional size changes allowing for greater use of your current bras.

Directions:  Attach the extender to both ends of the bra band.  Adjust for your desired level of expansion.

Washing Instructions:  Hand wash warm and lay flat to dry. Do not use bleach.

Materials:  The product is made from 100 percent nylon with 100 percent polypropylene interlining.

  • NuAngel Bra Extenders provide bra comfort and extended bra use.
  • FOUR levels of adjustment allow for up to three inches of expansion!
  • Use with 1 1/2 inch wide bra band; 3/4" spacing from center of hooks.
  • Soft non-elastic backing will not irritate skin as elastic.
  • Assorted Colors (White, Black, and Nude)
  • THREE Per Package; MADE IN USA!

Authentic NuAngel Bra Extenders do not contain elastic.  Authentic NuAngel Bra Extenders are made in the only in the USA.

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